9th July 2022

As England prepare for the ICC IT20 World Cup in Australia later in the year, they will be keen to demonstrate their dominance on all the IT20 matches in 2022. The West Indies surprised them in the Caribbean during their January tour by winning the series 3-1 so not the auspicious start for which England were hoping in such a crucial year.

The Package

1882 Club Hospitality Package

• Relaxed Three Course dining experience
• Complimentary bar of beer, wine and soft drinks
• Glass Fronted viewing facility
• Reserved premium seating on the 1882 balcony
• Chef’s Table buffet dining on high and low table
• Guest Speaker
• Ref Link
• Hostess service
• Programme (1 per 2 guests)

Aylesford Boxes Hospitality Package

• Match seat on your private balcony
• Complimentary bar of beer, wine and soft drinks
• Glass Fronted viewing facility
• Formal three course dining
• Private Box with balcony
• Side oil view of the wicket
• Hostess service
• Programme (1 per 2 guests)
• Official event documentation

The Facilities

1882 Club

Celebrating the year Warwickshire County Cricket Club was formed, the 1882 Club offers the cricket enthusiast the chance to enjoy the days play from this fantastic viewing restaurant on the second tier of the Pavilion Stand. Your day includes a full programme of informal fine dining with great views of the action from within the restaurant.

Aylesford Boxes

Individually named after Warwickshire’s famous 1994 treble winning side, the Aylesford Boxes are located behind the Raglan and Priory Stands. These newly refurbished boxes cater for 12 guests with private viewing balconies and a side-on view of the wicket.


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1882 Club Aylesford Boxes
Saturday 9th July 2022 £449 £449

Prices are per person and subject to VAT at the prevailing rate

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